Why does nobody take responsibility for their own actions?

Apologies in advance, it’s another rant!!!!

I tripped over a loose paving slab 20 years ago and ripped some new clothes. I got a telling off from my parents. Despite it being partly the fault of the local council as they have a certain responsibility to maintain the highway, equally common sense dictates there are a lot of paving slabs in a council’s area so provided they have tools in place to keep the highways in a decent condition then one has to expect the odd lose slab. My pride was hurt more then any physical injury in the fall. Back in the 1990’s if my parents had suggested taking the council to court for my trip, they would have been laughed at. Yet today there are hundreds of legal firms who would bite my arm off to represent me and I could expect a couple of grand for a little trip in the street. Firstly I can’t help but think taking a company to court just pushes up their prices. More so for local authorities who either tax you more or provide fewer services to maintain a pot to pay out idiots who are too busy on their Blackberry and trip over paving slabs. You don’t get anything for free and that includes your compensation!

People just don’t take responsibility for their actions anymore. If you come up to a level crossing across the railway with barriers closing, lights flashing, the whole caboodle and you chose to ignore it all and make a dash across the tracks because you are too impatient to wait; then you get hit by a 100MPH train whose fault is that? Network Rail’s apparently!!!!

From fat people taking legal action against McDonalds (the advertising made me buy a Big Mac) to smokers sending writs to tobacco companies for forcing them to contract lung cancer because of the fancy packets ( I just couldn’t say no to them Marlboro lights) to people who have never done a days work in their life but still churn out a kid a year and moan that the council won’t give them a bigger house or more benefits like it is there god given right to be handed everything on a plate. Take some responsibility. I don’t smoke, I enjoy a pint and the occasional Big Mac. If I have a heart attack I don’t expect my wife to declare war on Burger King. I made my choices. I have worked hard. I have paid national insurance. If I fell on hard times I would expect a bit of help but I wouldn’t expect the state to pay for a fortnight in Florida or other luxuries I enjoyed in better times or to look after me indefinitely because I have no intention of getting a job. It’s not on!

There were adverts in today’s media about a voluntary code the big bookmakers are signing up to, removing sexy adverts from their windows, stopping TV adverts before 9pm that feature free bet offers and reducing the number of slot machines in their branches. I hope Ray Winstone still gets to ” have a bang on that” as part of this shake up! It turns out the bookies are spreading these new found morals to pre-empt more restrictive imminent legislation. I like a bet. I think having a small wager on the outcome makes a sport more exciting. I tend to go for safer bets like Manchester United beating MK Dons (apparently a dead cert!). Sometimes I win. More times I loose. That’s life! Every week Skybet send me an e-mail saying I can have a £10 free bet ( with the small print being only if I spend a tenner first). Every week I tweet Skybet and tell them it’s not a free bet if I have to pay £10. I’m not a mug. If I choose to spend my whole months bills and shopping money on gambling and lose it then I’m f***** . If I did make that Ill faited decision though I would have nobody to blame but myself.

It’s time people stopped blaming everybody else for their own decisions, their actions and the choices they made!



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