The inequalities of new housing developments

I was in Eastbourne the other day and noticed a huge housing and leisure development near the harbour. As these create jobs and housing one would say these are good for a towns economy. Especially a relatively deprived seaside town. However when looking a bit closer they don’t really offer much benefit to the locals. The leisure complex has probably created a fair few jobs with waterside bars and restaurants. This is good for the local economy. Nobody would argue otherwise. I can’t help but think though that it has created 100’s of minimum wage jobs. Although around 500 new homes have been built, with their penthouse sea and marina views at prices of upwards of £1/2 million for a one bedroom box on the ground floor where you can see the sea stood on a stool,they are not going to provide homes for the people getting minimum wage at the Harvester restaurant on the complex. They will be home to wealthy business folk as evidenced by the jags and mercs in the underground parking lots who commute up to London in the week but fancy a sea view and being close to their yacht on a weekend. They will contribute in local taxes to Eastbourne’s economy so it’s not all bad and they will let the locals serve them in Harvester but it would be good if the locals working in Harvester could afford a home in their town with a sea view!



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