Schools will never teach young adults the ways of the World until they stop behaving like dictatorships!

I watched the BBC comedy drama The Boy in the Dress at Christmas. There was a point where a headmaster had set up an army style checkpoint near the school to inspect the uniform right down to the shade of black on the sock. My TV viewing companions laughed. I didn’t see the joke as this is exactly what my son’s school is like. The dictator, sorry headteacher is a follower of the correct uniform nurtures talent movement (shortened to cunt). Personally I believe school uniform is a good idea as it stops the whole brand fascists picking on kids who don’t have the best clothes, it means the dictator, sorry headteacher doesn’t have to get into the awkward argument about suitable clothes for young girls and it means the idiot who had Suarez (or Gerrard it seems) wrote on the back of his Liverpool shirt need not be embarrassed having to wear it to school. The World is full of uniforms. I worked in retail for many years and had to wear one. The thing is though, when Tesco, M and S or IKEA dictate a uniform, they also supply it. Uniformed employees also get to benefit from a tax rebate to help wash their uniforms. I don’t actually believe schools should provide uniform as this would eat into the budget that could be spent on educational resources and quality staff. The thing that pisses me off is that the school dictate the uniform right down to coats, headwear and jewellery. Often they make their logos only available at one retailer who can thus charge a premium which goes against the whole European monopoly regulations which the real World can’t get away with. What really, really, really pisses me off though is when the dictator tries to mask his little man/woman syndrome of getting a kick out of acting like a dictator to defenceless children by coming out with bullshit about uniforms helping children to learn.

How does what you are wearing determine how you learn. Do dictators, sorry headteachers really believe this crap? The worst thing is the school in question achieves only 50% GCSE A-C grades, yet it hounds parents and students about uniform. Top universities churn out top scientists, architects, engineers and artists. Could they have been better if uni made them wear shirt and clip on tie instead of a pair of jeans and t-shirt they were comfortable in? Can you imagine following Sainsbury’s recent poor performance if the top dogs at HQ believe the way to improve performance is to check employees socks! The funny thing is at this very same school in sixth-form students can wear there own clothes. So the dictator, sorry headmaster is saying to pass a GCSE you need black trousers but to pass an A-level black leggings are fine?

Getting a good education and learning valuable life skills are my key priorities for installing in my children. What support do I get from the school in achieving this? Hounding after hounding about not having the right colour socks or daring to take the blazer off in hot weather before the dictator, sorry headteacher sanctions it! FFS schools, do what you are supposed to! Educate, develop young minds and give them life skills for use in the real World not dictate uniform standards to them!



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