My hard sell for the Lib Dems…….

I never really took a great interest in politics at the political level. Of course I had an opinion on politics. Most things we utter from our mouths are related to politics in some way or another (cost of petrol, anti-social behaviour, train fares etc…..everyday stuff!) and most of the time we don’t even realise it. Seeing heated exchanges on the news in the House of Commons made me think the political sphere was just a huge pantomime. Labour could never agree with Conservatives on principle, the Conservatives could never agree with Labour and they all argued like primary school children in the playground. Come election time each party would promise the World to different groups and then after elections back to the pantomime. In the last couple of years I have taken more of an interest in politics and my view hasn’t really changed of the pantomime . I hate putting people in boxes. I have some views which put me on a par with a wishy washy liberal, others that align me with the right. The other day I found myself agreeing with Nigel Farage (kill me now) about the farce of releasing IRA killers out after the NI peace deal (will we do a deal with ISIS in the future?). The only party I can’t resonate with is Labour. After spending a huge chunk of my school and then work life in Labour controlled Wakefield and more recently living in an ex-mining community hearing how Thatcher destroyed the area and how the last 30 years of deprivation, unemployment and welfare dependency are the fault of her and nothing to do with the Labour Party who have held the seat for the last 30 years, just pushed me to rebel and support the Conservatives! More recently I have swayed to the Liberal Democrats ( and I’m a mature student who actually thinks the tuition fees represent reasonable value- I do like to buck the trend!) mainly because of their support of Europe. Despite what the Daily Mail say I think the EU is a good thing, you only have to think about Europe and its relations through history and up until the 1940’s to appreciate the good of modern European integration. Immigrants aren’t actually steeling our jobs and benefits (shock horror!) and Brussels is not making all our decisions. Aside from Europe I disagree with a number of LibDem policies such as “hug a junkie”. I think the Conservatives encourage people to take responsibility for their own actions and their own lives. Equally though I don’t think they could get any further up the arse of the elites who pull their strings which is not particularly good for Mr and Mrs average. Labour on the other hand are a joke. In an ideal World Milliband would have us going back to the Soviet model with nationalised industries, destroying business and we all know where that leads to. UKIP are a paradox. The media gave them the power with their anti-immigration bullshit. The media now love to ridicule UKIP yet are largely responsible for the scaremongering UKIP thrive off. The Greens seem to be favourite to steal the LibDems student support after the tuition fees betrayal (lol!) which is sad because a couple of Green seats are not going to solve climate change and as a one policy party are neither going to have much impact on anything else. I think we could do a lot worse then another Conservative-LibDem coalition. No party is going to end unemployment, cut taxes and hand out lots of money. We have to be realistic in what we ask for. We have to take some responsibility for our own lives. The media have decided the LibDems are to be demolished in the election. Ask yourself why you share this viewpoint, where has your evidence for this decision come from? The media! Have a look at some of the actual achievements in Government and future polices rather then the media soundbites. If you still decide LibDems are not for you, then fine but let it be your decision, not the media! So it’s a hard sell, but consider this. I attended the LibDems conference in Autumn at Glasgow and witnessed some top young activists passionate about doing the right thing, some were a little too liberal for my liking and it was disappointing to see balding old men held the majority of the voting rights but the party least resemble the “pantomime” and have some good ideas contrary to the populist press!



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