Why eBay is not worth the hassle?

I wanted to get rid of some of the kids’ junk. Some of it went straight to the tip, some to the charity shop but some of the best bits I saved for eBay. One such bit was a puppet theatre. It was still in good condition with puppets. One of them Christmas presents that was played with once and consigned to the top of the wardrobe. I’m not interested in making £millions like some die hard eBayers do, making a living off the auction site. Royal Mail have ruined my chances of ever making any serious money. eBay don’t allow you to charge the true cost of postage on most items to reflect Royal Mail’s extortionate charges. So, I did a collection only. My hope was someone local would like it, buy it, pop round, giver me a fiver. Job done. I don’t like PayPal. They talk about how they are a safe way of buying online but the only fraudulent online activity I have ever experienced has been at the hands of PayPal whose fraud policies favour those doing the fraud! If it didn’t sell locally then I would have took it to the charity shop just to get shut! It was too much in decent condition to take to the tip!

After a day I had a notification saying the toy had sold. Damn, I wish I had listed it for a higher price. I had an e-mail from said buyer saying she lived in Bradford. This is some 70 miles round trip although as new, the toy is worth around £50 so a fiver for the puppet theatre and petrol still makes it sort of a bargain. It is in good condition. You wouldn’t catch me driving 70 miles for some crap off eBay though!

Then it started. Can you arrange delivery, I don’t have a car, I didn’t realise how far it was? No, I bloody well can’t. I put collection only because I didn’t want to piss about sorting packaging and delivery, hence the cheap price. My location was very clear on eBay. Perhaps you should check before hitting “buy now”.

OK, one of my family will come and collect it. No problem. No show!

Sorry, I couldn’t find anyone to come. I’m going to arrange a carrier, can you package it up? No, I flippin’ can’t. This is why I sold as collection only. It’s an awkward shape, I’m not paying to package it! This is a simple collection only sale to make me a fiver. I’m not Argos!

I will come and get it on the train. It’s two trains and a bus ride each way, is it really worth it? You might as well go to Early Learning Centre in Bradford and buy it new! Stop wasting my time!

A week later and we still have said puppet theatre!

So much for eBay for a quick sale and an easy fiver. Next time, I will take it to the tip!



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