Scoops: The worst Ice-cream parlour in Cleethorpes (possibly the World)

I never lie on Trip advisor. Most of my reviews are positive. The other month I did a really bad one for an awful experience in Harvester, but I went back the other day and had a much better experience so I updated my review. I like Trip Advisor. I always have a quick look before booking anywhere. You have to take account subjectivity and if there are a few bad reviews you have to put them down to it being a bad day for the reviewer or the reviewee. If it’s half good and half negative or mainly negative then I guess you have to start thinking before investing your hard earned cash. I have stayed at a few places which had bad Trip Advisor reviews and actually turned out good, equally I have been to places that had good reviews that turned out pretty crappy.

Last summer I went in an Ice-cream parlour in Cleethorpes (Lincolnshire). The service was painfully slow, the food was overpriced, not of particularly good quality and the staff were rude. I shared my experience on their Facebook page and on Trip Advisor. On my Facebook post instead of the usual fake apologies from the management, the member of staff who served me wrote a rant accusing me of being rude and ungrateful and in future suggested when I spend my hard earned cash I should put up with whatever service the provider wants to give me without moaning. The post promptly disappeared as you can imagine and I thought nothing more of this crappy little Ice-cream shop with rude obnoxious staff. Then 6 months later, out of the blue I get a notification from Trip Advisor saying Scoops have just responded to my review.

Dorann4, Owner at Scoops, responded to this review, 5 days ago

Hi Paul….. Your review is somewhat contradicting, lets go through it shall we……

“MILKSHAKES” are not £3 they are £2.95 for that you get milk, ice cream and the flavour of your choice, you also get whipped cream and sprinkles. 

“LARGER SELECTION” We have 36 flavours of gelato which is made fresh daily in our shop, you wont find more flavours or freshly made “GELATO” anywhere in Cleethorpes as we are the only parlour that sells it. 

“FISH BOWL” Its called a Piggy Bowl which has 15 scoops of GELATO in it which has to made up quickly as we all know GELATO & ICE CREAM melts, the staff do not need supervision as one of them was the manager and yes it’s great when a customer orders a “PIGGY BOWL” because there fun to make.

“PHONES” The staff were not texting and playing on their phones the “MANAGER” was simply taking a picture as requested by the customer that had ordered the “PIGGY BOWL”. Cause we like to meet all of our customers needs.

“MESSY” Unfortunately when the shop is “BUSY” customers do make a mess but as soon as one of the staff can clean up they do immediately. When you finally got served they were cleaning up. 
So what are we messy or clean?????
Nobody was complaining in the queue, the staff took 6 mins to serve you from you walking in the door i checked the “CCTV” 

THE QUEUE WAS GROWING, wait a minute you just said that it wasn’t busy make your mind up.
You ordered a coke float which we had run out of coke (because we was busy) and the “MANAGER” ran into the coffee shop through the adjoining door to get you a coke from the “FRIDGE” not a warm one and the cheap ice cream is not cheap it’s “FRESHLY HOMEMADE GELATO” after she had opened it you then said you didn’t want it.

“RIPPED OFF” you order came to £8.85 (3 milkshakes) not £15 can you not add up????

“RANT ON FACEBOOK” Please post your screenshot on facebook because its will show everyone how rude you was, i deleted it because i could see that it was going to be comment after comment, if you message it to the page i’ll post it as my profile picture, you did not politely write on our wall you insulted my staff and if they want to reply by saying you are narrow minded and rude they can.
From the moment you walked through the door you was in an aggravated mood my staff was nothing but polite to you, like they are to all of our amazing customers.

We have a fun and friendly atmosphere at Scoops, your just one negative out of 1000’s of very happy customers that came through our doors. After reading your reviews on Tripadvisor it sounds like you don’t like Cleethorpes….. I have done a bit of research for you just incase you do visit Cleethorpes again, there are plenty of places that sell whippy it costs £1.20 for a single in a cheap wafer cone and £1.50 with a flake, Oh and cheap milkshakes “shmoo” i think its called they are £1.50 also.



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