A blog about @Parkdean’s showers!

Yes, my blogs have really got that boring, I’m writing about my morning shower!

A blog about Parkdean’s showers!

I enjoy the great British seaside caravan park holiday. I grew up with it and despite venturing to more exciting and exotic locations these days I do still try and squeeze in a British break every year. My teens don’t share my youngest’s and ours love of Cornwall so a holiday park provides a bit of a base of normality for them. Although the lack of mobile signal and dodgy wi-FI on the site don’t help! Who doesn’t secretly enjoy a game of Bingo and some lame holiday park entertainers?The last couple of years we have done Parkdean’s (a poor man’s Haven which in turn is a poor man’s Butlins) White Acres Holiday Park near Newquay. I stayed here as a child about 25 years ago before the package holiday to Spain had fully taken off. It is sad to see the demise of the UK’s seaside holidays but I can’t help but think that the industry could do more to make a week at a holiday park in Cornwall seem as appealing as a fortnight half-board in Majorca with First Choice.

Generally I’m happy with White Acres. Indeed this was our third visit and I’m hovering over book now for a fourth next Easter because we still haven’t fully “done” Cornwall yet. I look at my Trip Advisor review I have wrote for my recent visit though and I’m knit-picking. Yeah, generally everything big was good but there are lots of little things and I have to admit by the end of the week, the sheer amount of little things was becoming overwhelming. There is so much choice for holidays you just can’t get away by providing average and not dealing with the little things. You can see my full trip advisor review at http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186239-d619130-r265001815-Parkdean_White_Acres_Holiday_Park-Newquay_Cornwall_England.html but one of the little problems was the shower in our caravan.

Every morning on this break, on the fortnight here in 2014 and the week in 2013 I would climb into the tiny caravan shower, switch on the water flow, set on hot. Hot water would fall on me and it had the makings of a good shower. But then it went freezing cold, like artic circle freezing cold. Even though the setting was on hot! So I fiddle with the controls even though it is already on hot. No hot is coming. Then suddenly out of the blue, burning hot water. The setting is on cold. I couldn’t let the kids risk the shower. They would have been boiled alive! So I spend 3 minutes jumping backwards to the shower door to avoid the freezing cold followed by the burning rain. I daren’t put shampoo in my hair because I can’t guarantee I will get a good temperature of water to wash it out. I risk a bit of shower gel but have to wipe it off with the towel or else rinse it with ice cold water. I paid £600 per week for this privilege. So I thought I would have a sneaky shower and hair-wash in the swimming pool shower. No chance of that. Out of the 6 showers only one is working and it is a drip but a sign is up saying we are aware of the fault and will rectify it shortly. This sign was up in 2013, 2014 and 2015! 

Do I really want to holiday somewhere where I can’t have the most basic of facilities, a hot shower?



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