My manifesto : Would you vote for me?

I have spent the last few months with a mix of arguing with the TV (usually at the unbelievable leftie leftie bias of all the main media outlets. I actually feel sorry for David Cameron every time he appears on the “unbiased” BBC they tear him apart and don’t let him finish a question whilst the Greens, SNP and Labour get uninterrupted chance to speak their mind) and yawning at election fatigue. I have to say I would be happy with any of the parties getting in power if they did everything they promised during electioneering season. It’s a shame real life does not reflect the pantomime that is the run up to the general election!

I keep saying to people I could do a better job then any of them clowns so here I am putting my money where my mouth is. My manifesto:

Higher taxes (but equitable in that the more you earn the more you pay). People talk about public services but don’t want to pay for them. The Nordic model of cradle to grave being looked after by the state is the result of higher taxes. Somebody has to pay for them!

Funding for public services would go on the service I.e refuse collection not layers of management to manage refuse collection (achieved through outsourcing public services to private firms on tough performance contracts (see below)

More private involvement in the NHS – some form of franchise model with rich spoils for the most efficient operators of healthcare provision to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and rid the NHS of its beauracracy, endless layers of management and target driven performance

In fact start the above sentence ” more private involvement in…..and add all public services to it. BREAKING NEWS privatisation is not that bad! Everyone moans at how shit there local authority is, how incompetent and inefficient they are yet the suggestion of a private company providing public services for profit sends shudders down the spine. When profit is the motivation -efficiency comes about unlike the wastefulness of the public sector, employing 5 managers to do the job of 1 or being a sitting duck to powerful unions backed by Labour to bring the UKs public services to its knees if it doesn’t get its own way!

Fair and equitable benefits based around rewarding work and supporting the (real) vulnerable, a safety net for all, added protection on those who have paid into NI and find themselves in hard times, more stringent tests for disability benefit that ensure those that do need help get it but those with a “bad back” don’t take at the expense of the former! Drug/alcohol/food addictions not treated as disabilities.

Educate the people on the EU (ban the Daily Mail would be a start), dispel the myths, work towards a stronger political and monetary union (yes, the €Euro one day), continuation of free movement of people and joining the Schengen borders agreement.

Put young people on a par with old in terms of discounted and free travel, free school bus travel,support to study beyond GCSE, scrap target driven education and focus on quality teaching to inspire and educate kids, not just to pass tests. Secondary school education would be around 40% exams/ 60% projects in final two years, reducing exam  stress -entire secondary school education amounting to a few exams not conducive to success! Schools would stop hounding parents over targets and attendance, periods of educational leave and work experience will be integral part of learning experience. Power back in parents hands not dictatorial academy principles. Mandatory Parenting classes to those who abuse system/ letting their children down.

University tuition fees will remain, university education too high quality and beneficial to give away. Student finance will remain fair and equitable to all. Better funding for mature students. Student finance Style don’t pay up front system for all adult learners and incentives to employers allowing staff to partake. Those on long-term benefits to partake in meaningful education with no sanctions.

People to be encouraged to take responsibility of their own lives- no win no fee sue your council/NHS/PPI bullshit will be restricted. 

Higher speed limits (motorways and non residential roads), removal of speed cameras but tough laws on dangerous driving particularly in local communities /schools. Education to likes of middle lane drivers and regular retesting to elderly and those caught dangerous driving. Sentences for causing death with a vehicle will be on a par with murder. Better education and tougher punishments for motorbikes and cyclists. Emphasis would be more on bikers taking responsible rather then expecting cars to “think bike”.

Tackling environmental issues, going beyond usual rhetoric

Cash for overseas development-we have short memories, our colonisation missions created these problems, I think we should bloody well sort them!

Build more houses, get shut of the stigma of social housing, build enough houses so that dodgy buy to let landlords have their houses repossessed and live a miserable existence as a result

Combine land use and transport planning, making use of brownfield ex industrial sites to make cities more compact. Some additional airport capacity needed, we can’t fall behind but should try to reduce short haul flights. Better use of channel tunnel and European High Speed rail for international connections. Ignore rich NIMBYS who don’t want new housing blocking their views. Better public transport. Sizeable towns and cities should have European model of trams,metro/underground and integrated ticketing. People shouldn’t be forced to leave car at home they should want to because of quality of transport system!!

People who want to take cannabis and other soft drugs at home hurting no one else but themselves can do so free from prosecution where it effects communities or leads to petty crime and all hard drugs then option of mandatory good quality support or criminal proceedings. No prison sentences for stupid crimes like purgery, non-payment of TV licence/council tax or benefit and other fraud. Petty criminals one strike then long prison sentences, crime must not be seen to pay! Prisons to be suitably shit places to live but provide education and opportunities once prisoners released. Proper support provided on release but again accompanied by a one strike and you’re back inside rule. People must take responsibility for their actions. Tougher sentences to deter crime.

Would you vote for me?
(Potentially coming to the UK in 2020!)



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