Top of the shops!

I don’t subscribe to the whole idea big corporations are responsible for the demise of small independent traders. Most small independent shops are shit from my Perspective. My local village shops can’t compete with the nearby Tesco on price but they have a real chance to deliver fantastic personal customer service that Tesco could only dream of being able to offer. The problem is the little shops don’t take the opportunity. They are as rude and obnoxious as Tesco staff. The owners have little man/little woman syndrome on a par with medical receptionists and public sector staff. If I’m going to be treated bad I might as well get treated bad in Tesco for a couple of quid less.

Like everything in ex mining communities seems to be the fault of Margaret Thatcher and not the fact Labour have controlled these towns since time begun, little shops have to stop blaming Tesco for their demise and start looking a bit closer to home. There are a handful of retail workers whom stand out in my head as providing good customer service and they all work for big chains, not independent stores. And the snobby independents who seem to think they’re edgy when actually they’re just overpriced shit are the worst. Don’t expect my sympathy when you go bust. Give me a high street full of betting shops and poundland any day!

Last Saturday I rang my local takeaway. They answered the phone but couldn’t hear me. I thought it might be my phone so I tried again on my mobile. It turns out it was a problem at their end. I expect they had the secrecy button pressed. Dumb ass! Never mind, it was early. When it dawned on them that nobody was ringing them on a Saturday night but they had a crank call every few minutes then they would press the secrecy button and re-open for business. Two hours later and all I got was “Hello…….hello……hello……hello….” You couldn’t make it up. So I called another takeaway in our village. Ordered my pizza, they were honest and said they were busy and advised delivery in an hour. Two and a half hours later, it arrived. A week later (I don’t live on takeaways……honest) I downloaded the Dominos app, ordered my pizza, picked it up 20 minutes later. The guys at my local takeaway have to do well to survive, it’s their business. The 19 year old at Dominos doesn’t give a fuck about the big worldwide chain as he is working there just to earn some money whilst he doing his A-levels. Why then will I now go to Dominos every time? Who will the local takeaways blame when they go bust? Dominos ?



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