Grassroots politics? Don’t make me laugh

since the SNP stuck two fingers up at England and Wales last September (and we equally stuck two fingers back up at them come referendum day) words like “localism”, “northern powerhouse” “devolution” and “grassroots” have been banded about. In theory I like the idea of local politcs although I do worry about economies of scale. The amount of red tape and layers of management in a centralised state make me worry how inefficient the public sector would become if devolved to such tiny local levels! 

My main concern however is being somewhere right of centre on most issues positioned somewhere between a Lib Dem and Conservative (albeit with a tad of Greens thrown in the mix – don’t try and put me in a box!) living in the North this would mean for me having a strong Central Conservative Government as now (although subject to change next week -however I have a plan B to move to Netherlands for a couple of years if red Ed manages to get keys to number ten- I can’t see that tosser and the Labour cunts being In powerfor more then one term!) but being ruled in the North at local level by Labour. I can’t think of anything worse! Why would I support localism in practice if it meant being run by Labour? They are ruining my area when they don’t have much power from Westminster so imagine how bad it would be if they could do what they like! The lemmings in the North who don’t see Labour as the reason for the North being so shit because they have controlled it forever instead moan about Thatcher and mines, get over it!

My main problem is on a really local level as evidenced in next weeks elections.  I will vote for the LibDem paper candidate (and Labour stalwart Jon Trickett will win-it’s as sure as eggs are eggs) for the national whilst LibDems can’t be arsed to field a district councillor in my constituency so I will Opt for the Conservative paper candidate who lives 100 miles away in a nice bit of North Yorkshire (and the Labour candidate Jessica something or other will win). This is democracy in action. LibDems are happy to accept my donations but are not too bothered about me as a person because I don’t live in a key seat. I suppose that’s how the power machine works!

The absolute lowest level is the parish elections. The grassroots. The people who can make it happen in my community. There are 5 seats up for grabs. There are ten candidates. A couple align themselves with Labour so I can rule them out to mark my X against. The others are in effect independents. I notice a few of them are related or just happen to have same surname  and same address. The interesting thing is these people who live amongst me and want to represent me and I have absolutely no idea who they are and what they are going to do for my local community. No posters, flyers. No door knocking or harassing me outside Co-Op. No Facebook, Twitter. No links on Parish council webpage. Nothing in local paper. I e-mailed the parish council for information (and to tell them about the dog mess in the village) but they not terribly helpful in response. I expect these perspective parish councillors will get enough votes from friends and family to get a foot in the door in then make a few quid in expenses.

Grassroots politics? Don’t make me laugh!



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