Why are we all lemmings to the media?

The media controls our views on society and current affairs? The media will probably decide the general election result for us? We are (mostly) all lemmings to whatever the media tells us and don’t question the sound bites the media feed us? Discuss.

A bunch of guys wearing Chelsea shirts were filmed preventing a black guy boarding an underground train in Paris whilst chanting we are racists. I expect the guys are really sorry. Sorry for being recorded, I expect. They certainly will be when the media identifies them and the shit storm begins!Furthermore I would hazard a guess on a normal day, these guys pop on a shirt and hold down normal jobs and families. For some unknown reason when it’s football day (or perhaps 20 pints of Heineken day gets us closer to the reason) they seem to find it acceptable to behave link cunts! The populist media love a race story and although the guys chose race as their particular cuntism this week, had a pretty French girl in short skirt and vest-top boarded the train then I expect they would have hounded her with sexist abuse and the black guy would have had a reprieve. I expect a chorus of wolf-whistles and “get your tits out for the lads” wouldn’t have even caused the guy who recorded it to upload it to You Tube, or for that matter even record it on his phone. The media have blown up a huge race story and of course everyone is rightly disgusted about racism but is this really a racism story or something bigger but less “exciting” then race? The media say No and if anyone says otherwise then they are obviously a racist! So much for freedom of speech since the Paris attacks! They also have the football theme which sells even more papers and allows the media to start the whole football endemic in racism debates again. And we all just fall for it, without any question. We are like lemmings running to fall off whatever cliff the media deems we should. When you deconstruct this sorry little episode you see that football isn’t really a huge part of it. In the same way terrorists hide behind Islam, these idiots were hiding behind a Chelsea shirt. I could put on a Nottingham Forrest shirt and kill children it doesn’t make it a football issue. Football is doing more then most industries to stamp out racism and shouldn’t be tarred with these events because the morons were wearing a Chelsea shirt. And as for racism I expect these guys are far too uneducated to even know the first thing about race and how racism has become embedded in the World today. They just regurgitate a few choice racist words they have probably picked up in the populist media without any thought for what they mean or how they effect other people. I witnessed an ignorant old man in the doctors asking the receptionist for a doctor who wasn’t a “darky” . I didn’t have my camera recording to send to Sky News but I expect they wouldn’t have been interested as he fought in the war and is old and not wearing a football shirt so it’s OK! The big problem is men and women who are essentially normal 6 and a half days a week will have a big Saturday night blow out, or a football match, or a hen party or go to the horse races and suddenly under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol and a new found confidence with their mates suddenly think it’s acceptable to behave in a totally unacceptable way. I expect if you showed videos back to people on a Monday morning back in work they would be horrified with some of the things they said and did! Perhaps controversial, and I do understand racism as much more then skin colour, but I feel at times we band the word around too much. Perhaps even the media band it around just to increase circulation and to provoke further stories! Just a thought!

I wonder who the media decide we will vote for in the upcoming general election?

Open your eyes



Stop falling for media Soundbites!

I wasn’t on the Ched Evans jury, wasn’t party to the actual police incident logs in Ferguson, I wasn’t alive when Jimmy Saville started his abuse nor does George Osborne share his figures on the deficit with me personally. The only information I have on the horrific Charlie Hebdo attack is from the left wing Guardian and noideawhatwingbutclearkybiasedinsomewaywing Sky News. I can’t possibly then be expected to make a factual statement on any of these issues. That doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion. If something truly shocking or a big news story breaks then of course you are going to have your two pence worth to stick in. But is it really your two pence? Or have you been force-fed it by media that either has its own agenda to sell or worse just wants to scaremonger to get a reaction and sell more advertising. Here are some recent snippets from Sky News Facebook:

“All police are racist and should be in prison” – firstly who would protect us if every single police officer was in prison? Secondly do you know the thoughts of every single police officer around the World to make this grand statement? Racism exists in the police as it does in every industry, sad but true. If you stopped and thought for a second you would see that the police injure and kill many criminals each year as part of their job. Some of those are probably a bit dubious and some avoidable but equally there is an awful lot of dangerous people off the street thanks to the hard work and at significant risk to the police. If you read beyond the Sky headline “black man killed by police” you would also notice that many white men are killed by the police but these headlines are simply ” man killed by police”. No need for the media to add a race element here!

“All Muslims are terrorists” – nowhere in Muslim books or teaching are the words go and kill Westerners. Those who commit such atrocities hide behind a religion whilst the media love to throw the word Muslim into a news story. It’s the same as the stories of homophobia. A guest house kicking out gays is likely to attract greater media interest if the headline is “Christian guest house owners kick out gays” . Again nowhere in Christian teaching does it say gay couples are not permitted in Christian run guest houses. The bigots are just using religion to hide the fact they are prejudiced. Add a race, skin colour, religion or the word immigrant and you are adding a stick for lemmings on Facebook to beat people with!

“All Liverpool fans are deluded thinking they are ever going to be great again, win the league and have success in Europe” – ok, guys you got something right!

Stop claiming to know everything about everything because you read an article in the Daily Mail or saw a one sentence Facebook post on a subject! Be subjective, remember the context it has been written in and don’t be a lemming, don’t just accept it and add some uneducated comment below! You don’t need a degree to think! You have a brain, use it! Don’t be hoodwinked by the media into what YOU actually think?!?!