Things are not always so black and white……….A blog about food waste!

I don’t really like chips. I tend to opt for the other potato option in pubs and restaurants. When I am forced to have chips I ask for just a few which normally raises suspicious looks from the waiter as if I am asking for a price reduction for having less chips but it is actually because I can’t manage a huge portion of chips and I feel bad leaving them when food poverty exists around the World. If Fish and Chip shops offered as much fish as they do chips then I would definitely exceed my protein intake or whatever benefits fish have! I’m not particularly happy with the amount of food waste in my home. Its usually the kids picking at the veg they don’t really like and we do try to do things with our leftovers but it’s quite a task to eliminate food waste.

It is an even harder job for supermarkets. I always said food poisoning would get my grandma. She wasn’t bothered about sell by dates, reheating meat or the many other food hygiene issues frowned upon today yet she lived to 90 years old and died of old age, spending the first half of her life without a refrigerator. I guess she was part of a more resilient generation before food intolerances and dietary issues became the norm. In this day and age though in the something for nothing compensation culture the food industry have to be careful because if one of you little darlings gets a stomach bug on a less then fresh Tesco yoghurt then they will be hauled through the courts and media and portrayed as a big bad corrupt organisation battling FIFA to be top of the big bad corporation top ten because of its poor yoghurt stock rotation. You created this culture guys! A few weeks ago the same supermarket chain was in court, this time because homeless people were raiding its bins. The media and you guys (the very same ones who invented this culture we live with!) were livid that homeless people were being hounded for trying to get some food that Tesco were just going to destroy. I don’t like Tesco but I felt a tad sorry for them. They were fucked either way. Imagine the headlines if the homeless had been injured or died because of the food or the bins Tesco hadn’t kept secure?

In an idealist world, it is a no brainier, of course waste food should be utilised. Better still the food and agri-business industries could aim to eliminate as much waste as possible in the production stage whilst the retail industry can do more to reduce waste. Equally though you guys can change your ways! All those jumping on Tesco for being big and bad for not donating waste food forget it’s not as simple as shoving it in a van and taking it to a charity. You guys have created this culture where the minute someone is ill as a result of Tesco’s  charity you guys will crucify them! Things are never as black and white as people who blindly comment on Guardian Facebook posts think!